Our Oily Footprint

Club Moxie Oily Footprint as of March 2021…

This is the oily footprint of our essential oil community. I am BLESSED to have linked arms with this group of people who love sharing their love of Young Living’s products! We are literally sharing with friends + family around the world! Just to think that we get to be a part of THIS! It’s truly humbling!

The colorful states are all places that the Club Moxie Oilers are dropping our oily knowledge and sharing the love of essential oils and our oil-infused nutritionals. This plant juice is powerful stuff!

Plus, (not included in the image) we have members in Norway, Germany, England, and various parts of Mexico! So why am I posting this at 3 am? Because we’re seeking new GLOBAL members to join us from Romania, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Australia, American Samoa, and more!!! Let’s chat!


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