People Will Disappoint You

I’ve been quietly contemplating a tough lesson in life. It takes me a while to process my emotions. Is this a valid feeling? Am I overreacting? Am I responding in a loving way? What emotion is prompting me to react right now? What can I share about this lesson that would be edifying for others?

I am usually quiet about things until I have done some introspection and have some answers to these questions.

What’s the lesson this time around?

People will disappoint you.

OK, I admit it, I’ve learned this before. And I’m learning it again. That’s how some lessons happen in life. And I’m convinced that the lessons I learn in life don’t just happen to me – they happen FOR me – and they are meant to be shared. So I’m going to finally share what I’ve learned through it this time around.

I was recently let down by a leader, a friend, a mentor. She wasn’t merely an “influencer” in my life. I had chatted with her on the couch for hour after hour, I had laid hands on her and prayed, I had poured into her. I had connected with her in a unique way.

It’s not that I NEEDED that individual in my life… but as I sought an example for a specific area of my life she spoke truth to the core of me… for a time.

What she taught me isn’t invalid because she let me down. But maybe I once valued it TOO much.

Her influence in my world isn’t to be thrown out the window. But maybe it wasn’t truly for my benefit.

The role I allowed her to play in my life (as a woman, as a Christian, as a business owner, as a leader) may have been appropriate for the time. But I outgrew her at some point.

I said what I said.

I outgrew her leadership, her influence, her guidance… I outgrew her and I knew it immediately. It was time to move on. It was time to step up. It was time to quit blaming it on being let down by an outward force.

Granted, it helps to have an example. It helps to feel heard. It helps to feel validated. It helps to feel seen. It helps to be valued and to have a seat at the table. It helps to watch and learn. It helps… maybe… for a short time period. Until it doesn’t anymore.

There’s a scripture in the Bible that reminds us to stop conforming to outward patterns, and instead be transformed by the renewing of your mind (because of being focused on God’s will). Read Romans 12

At some point you and I have to take the examples we’ve learned from and courageously and boldly step into our own strengths, passions, skills, desires, and follow our true north to GET DOWN TO BUSINESS.

Stop putting humans on pedestals – humans will fall off those pedestals.

I can name a bunch of humans who have done that. A bunch. Humans aren’t perfect. We weren’t created to be worshipped that way.

Is God on the throne of your life? Do you look to Him without waver? Do you seek His validation? His eyes? His ears? His influence? His guidance? His acceptance? His wisdom?

I’ll leave it there.

I think if you have read this far you will probably know how to bring God into your life in a truly meaningful, impactful, purposeful way… but if you want some direction along those lines, drop me a note. We need more Godly wisdom in our lives (and less of almost everything else).

Can I get an amen?


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