It’s a daily decision…

… you wake up and decide EVERY DAY… what’s important to me today?

Maybe one day it’s having fun. And maybe the next day it’s completing a heavy journey. And maybe it’s heavy for a long time. And maybe it’s about putting aside the To Do list, throwing caution to the wind, and taking some time off.

And every day, amidst all of those things… we make decisions about what’s best for us. And that’s a decision ONLY we can make for ourselves.

I hope you’re seeking the best for you. I hope you’re asking important questions, seeking guidance, and being intentional with where you exert your time, money, and affections. This is not a new concept coming from me. If you’ve known me for longer than 15 mins you’ll know my heart for chasing down the best out of life, crushing goals, building community, learning from each other, and cheering each other on… with a passion.

If you ask my opinion I will tell you the truth. I will not shame your decisions (even if it’s Converse and/or skinny jeans). 😏 Know this – I want the best for you. But your life decisions are YOUR life decisions. And my decisions are mine. I own them. You own yours. I encourage you to ask all the questions you need to ask, make the decisions that are right for you and your family. Do your research. And know, I am here for you.

I started doing research just over 7 years ago and have learned volumes worth of information that I get to share regularly (and I’m kind of a nerd when it comes to sharing about what I love). My focus on being proactive with decisions (vs reactive) sometimes gets the side-eye. But I am 100% confident in that decision.

In the blog post I have the opportunity to share MY STORY – I’m happy to share what I am doing in regards to being the best advocate for myself and our family members… emotionally, physically, and so on. I truly desire to be a resource for others seeking answers. It all comes down to what we personally decide and how we take responsibility (and be prepared) for ourselves. So, with that I share…

My Top 5 Things I am Doing For My Health

Want to feel empowered to do what’s right for you and your family? Then I am glad you are here. This is what my PROactive looks like. And friend, you are worth it. Everyday.

Pray / Worship

Each morning my day starts in the quiet. It’s not typically limited by time. There isn’t a timer that says “ok – next!” Sometimes it’s 15 minutes, sometimes it’s 2 hours. Sometimes God talks to me for a long time. Sometimes we spend it together in song, in worship and I get to thank Him for all He’s given me. It’s the foundation of my day. And I wouldn’t trade it for the world!

#protip – Put a drop of Valor / Sacred Mountain / Grounding / Release / Bergamot / Tangerine / Believe OR Highest Potential in the palm of one hand. Rub your hands together and cup over nose & mouth. Breathe in, hold for 10 seconds. Breathe out. Repeat for a minute.

Mental / Emotional Health

Pay attention to the DRIVERS of your emotions, and the emotions themselves. Is it the presence of certain people? A certain set of circumstances? A certain location, special time of the month, after you’ve over-eaten / neglected yourself, before the anniversary of a traumatic event, a certain sound / song / visual cue? Pay attention to those. Don’t run from them. Your emotions are telling you something. They may be lying to you (yes, you read that right), but they’re ever present. Don’t ignore them. Find tools to improve your mental / emotional health.

Be prepared for what you’ll do when you know big emotions are headed your way. Take time off. Support your emotions with the use of your tried & true tools: massage, aromatic influence, the influence of your favorite uplifting music, the sounds of the beach waves or trees blowing in the wind.

Feed your senses and feel your emotions. But don’t let them dictate your day (or your mood).

Identify answers to these, mindfully:

  • What sets your heart on fire? In a good / bad way.
  • What is your deepest hurt? Biggest regret?
  • What emotion haunts you? Do you shame yourself when this pops up out of nowhere?
  • Where do you PHYSICALLY go to process big emotions?
  • How do you turn off the NEGATIVE recording in your head and switch it out for a POSITIVE one? Hint: you do it over and over again every day.

Have a plan ahead of time to reach out for the help you need, when you need it. Talk to a friend or someone trained in the tools you need – AHEAD OF TIME. Be prepared to follow this plan BEFORE you have to put it to work.

#protip –

  1. Put a drop of Valor / Sacred Mountain / Grounding / Release / Bergamot / Tangerine / Believe OR Highest Potential in the palm of one hand. Rub your hands together and cup over nose & mouth. Breathe in, hold for 10 seconds. Breathe out. Repeat for a minute.
  2. Support your ADRENALS with the use of Nutmeg while on the go. Ask me about using a warm compress with with clove, nutmeg and rosemary over the kidneys/adrenal glands for extra oomph!
  3. Or take these Vitality oils internally in a capsule. Let’s chat.

Also – did you know the organs in our body store remnants of our emotions? Let’s chat to discuss various emotions and which organs they might be affecting. I have protocols! I want to share about them!

Physical Health

Remove bad things. Replace with good things. Be PROactive instead of REactive.

Rely on my WELLNESS cabinet instead of my medicine cabinet. It’s a mindset change that took a long time. But when the light bulb came on it was LIFE GIVING!

Repeat after me “I am the gatekeeper. I am the gatekeeper. I am the gatekeeper.”

What does this look like? Remove toxins. Replace with safe + natural items. From cleaning supplies and chemicals in my environment to what goes IN my body. I had to stop using some prescriptions due to severe reactions. I was SO GLAD to find a way to heal from those reactions and avoid the reaction altogether in the future.

But also to find a way to PROactively sustain our health is SO EMPOWERING! To have a plan for it and a decision made ahead of time. I can proceed with 100% confidence that I’ve made the right decision.

A book recommendation: “A More Excellent Way”, Dr. Henry Wright

#protip –

  1. In addition to regular physical activity, there are a number of Young Living products that can support your musculoskeletal and respiratory efforts. From supplements to essential oils.
  2. Drink your water. Lots of water.
  3. And recovery? HELLO AMINOWISE!

Personal & Professional Growth

Here is a list of 5 books that I have read multiple times. I’m a slow processor. It has to sink it, then I have to apply it, then I want to come back and glean it again after learning the lesson. It’s how I learn. Here’s some of my favorite books on this topic of personal & professional growth:

“The Way of the Warrior”, Erwin McManus

“The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth”, John Maxwell

“Leadershift”, John Maxwell

“Start With Why”, Simon Sinek

“Emotional Intelligence 2.0”, Travis Bradberry & Jean Greaves

#protip – As you dig deep into working on breaking old habits / establishing new habits… put a drop of Valor / Sacred Mountain / Believe OR Highest Potential in the palm of one hand. Rub your hands together and cup over nose & mouth. Breathe in, hold for 10 seconds. Breathe out. Repeat for a minute.


What do you do for fun?

Where do you go to let off steam?

What type of setting do you recharge in?

Is “relaxing” for you a nap or a run?

When you “rest” do you feel recharged?

Be mindful in this too. Like in kindergarten, naps are good for EVERYONE! There is a lesson to learn in this.

Schedule “off time” for yourself. Recognize the patterns that make you feel unrested, uptight, and under pressure. And schedule some rest / relaxing time for yourself. Being mindful even in this is key!

#protip – To promote good sleep, diffuse a calming aroma next to your bed at night. A few oils I can recommend: cedarwood, Dream Catcher, Valor, Sacred Mountain, orange, Stress Away, Lavender, Sleepyize, or Stress Away.

Email me at for a further discussion, and a list of the proactive health protocols I’ve been relying on as the gatekeeper to my health and home.


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