Essential oil bottle 101: Not all oils are created equal!

+Read the labels! Many essential oils are only PART pure plant essential oil, as there are other additives to make them smell stronger or sweeter, to dilute, and/or cheapen.

+Make sure they aren’t created in a lab. Oils that say “for fragrance only” are probably from a lab or of super low quality.

+Expiration dates: pure essential oil will not have an expiration date.

+Read the directions: Many, many pop up oils say DO NOT ingest, DO NOT apply, even DO NOT inhale. Hmmmm…Looking at these bottles makes me excited for knowing I chose Young Living. Why?

+Seed to Seal label: This signifies Young Living’s commitment to quality. Making sure EVERY Bottle of oil came from hand selected seeds, carefully monitored non-toxinized growing methods, proper one time distillation, only ever touched stainless steel or glass, tested in house THROUGHOUT the process AND by third party, leading to only bottling and sealing the finest quality oils.

+1994 Seal: Longevity. Young Living has been a company since 1994, and Gary Young began his initial research BEFORE then.

+100% premium grade: Pure, natural, and organic are overused and unregulated, so therapeutic is my key word. These are biologically active oils, meaning they do affect body systems on a cellular level.

+Clear directions of use on every bottle. It is so important to use oils properly. They are powerful.

+Clear labeling of ingredients within the bottle. Purity matters.

+Clearly marked batch numbers. When dealing with a natural product there can be variation. This allows YL to make sure quality can be easily monitored.

+No expiration dates: with proper storage, controlled temp and no direct sunlight, these oils can last years.

Know your bottles. Use them to learn. They are an amazing resource!!! A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!!


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