September Gifts with Purchase

This month’s gifts are fresh, delicious and so useful…. ready to see the deets on this lineup?!

100 PV // FREE SHIPPING — as usual, make sure to select the free shipping option!

190 PV //Lemon VitalityCitrus Fresh VitalityDiGize VitalityOrange Vitality*Copaiba Vitality*… and free shipping!*Subscription Orders Only

250 PV //Vitality Drops – Lavender LemonadeEndoflex VitalityLongevity Vitality… plus everything above!

300 PV //Vitality Drops – Grapefruit BergamotLife 9 Probiotic… plus everything above!


Let’s learn more about these amazing oils, blends, and nutritionals!!

LEMON // uplifting, fresh and so versatile in the kitchen! You can use a drop or two of lemon in place of actual lemon juice or zest in any recipe. I love to use it for salad dressings and marinades …. It is great to start your day with a drop of lemon in a big glass of water! Lemon, Lavender + Peppermint is great for seasonal changes that are coming around. Natural detox, immune support, digestive goodness. THREE CHEERS FOR ALL THE LEMON!

CITRUS FRESH // this is a blend of a bunch of citrus oils and a little spearmint. I love this oil in the diffuser. Great for good vibes and creativity. It’s SO good with lavender, black spruce, clary sage, purification, peace & calming… anything!! You can use this in cocktails, smoothies, to pump up your water, and in a bunch of great recipes.

DIGIZE // this is our classic digestive blend… a must-have for travel, great for if you’re going too much or not enough. Digestive health is closely tied to our brain — our emotional and mental health — so support your gut this season and always!! I love that they’re giving this to us for free!!

ORANGE // Simply put – I am obsessed with orange. I diffuse it with thieves, sacred mountain, joy, seriously- if you don’t love something, add orange to it. You can add this to your water as well. Great for baking recipes too! The freshest infusion of citrus!!

COPAIBA // Instant chill – I pop this one right under the tongue! GREAT for teething babies, inflammation, sore spots, angry skin… it’s so versatile and SUPER gentle. Did you know it’s known as the South American Frankincense?! This is an oil I ingest all the time… I love the gentle flavor and it has a ton of great benefits (google for more… )

VITALITY DROPS – LAVENDER LEMONADE // A flavorful boost of natural electrolytes that you can squeeze into your water anywhere, any time! The natural flavor of Lavender lemonade is unique, herbal + fresh.

ENDOFLEX // Our adrenals love the oils in this blend. If you’re too revved up all the time, it can be hard to relax… and it also gets harder and harder to rev up when you really need to. Endoflex is about supporting your adrenals so you can activate and deactivate as needed… this goes for your kids too. You can apply over the adrenal glands, thyroid, feet or you can diffuse it. You can pop this under your tongue or in a capsule.

LONGEVITY // SUPER MEGA antioxidant blend!! Thyme, Frank, Clove, Orange… this blend is MAGICAL and contains some powerhouse oils. It is great for immune and respiratory support, but it also used in the

LONGEVITY FACELIFT One of the ladies who participated in the Longevity Challenge shared with use that i helped her with her bulging veins — totally unexpected. You take this one in a capsule — it’s spicy because of the Thyme so be sure to add carrier oil to it. Grab some veggie capsules in your order and make sure to get this one for free!!

VITALITY DROPS – GRAPEFRUIT BERGAMOT // Need some help getting your water in? Try these drops!! This is sweet and fruity and SO YUMMY! Plus natural electrolytes. We can SKIP THOSE JUICE BOXES and sports drinks for something way easier and healthier!

LIFE 9 PROBIOTIC // Probiotics help add GOOD bacteria in the gut microbiome — where antibiotics, harsh sanitizers, stress and toxins have killed the gut flora and have potentially created imbalances in the body. Probiotics can help with skin health, mood, immune function and mental health. Why Life 9? Most probiotics do have the proper constituency to make it all the way to the gut to their magical work. The vast majority of probiotics on the market (regardless of the bacteria count) do not contain the strains nor the delayed release constituency to actually survive the journey INTO your gut where they can work their magic. That is how Life 9 is so superior! I have taken a LOT of different probiotics over the years and this is by far my favorite.17 billion live cultures.9 diverse strains that have been proven beneficial for the human gut biome.

I take this in the evening… right before bed. Ok.. tell me what you’re most excited about!!

IMPORTANT NOTES:+ please make sure your subscriptions are set up and processing and contact your support team with any questions. We are here to help!+ Orders need to be ready by 11:59 PM MST the night BEFORE they process.+

Lastly, check out the SEPTEMBER GUIDEBOOK // This is a great YL resource for learning and sharing these gifts with purchase!


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