Jesus died so we can LIVE!

A post on Instagram hit me hard this morning – and I’m going to paraphrase the message and what it meant for me.

Jesus died so we can LIVE.

Stop being scared to live your life. Stop letting the opinions of people dictate how you operate. Stop NOT doing the thing you are feeling led to do. Stop being a chicken.

Pour out everything that God has put inside you for your generation. You are unique to your position, to your influence, to your journey in life… and it’s for a unique purpose only God can fulfill through YOUR walk.

Chase your dreams and die empty.

We are called to live – not simply exist, not simply wait to be taken to heaven. Jesus came to give us LIFE and in abundance! Step out in faith and start the business, start the ministry, start your family, start your blog, start your podcast, etc. Do it!

JUST START! Stop living life on the sidelines waiting for the approval or OK from people – Jesus already gave it when He died so that we can live!

And if He put that inside you, and He has a plan for you – why wouldn’t you want to live out that amazing plan he has for you?


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