Oregon is over the mandates

Screen shot from video on “Only a Mr. Bill” channel

Wherever you stand on the 🦠

Whether or not you think the 😷 actually protects anyone…

Whatever you’ve decided re getting the 💉

No matter where you stand on all of this… you cannot deny, there’s A LOT of Oregonians who are clearly OVER the tyrannical power of Governor Kate Brown.

Enough is enough.

If you’d like to see for yourself what it looks like in the Capital city of Oregon today – check out this live feed.

Our local news stations have said there aren’t enough people present to warrant them coming out to cover the story. Shame on you KGW-TV, KATU News, Fox 12 Oregon, KOIN 6… and so on. You’re not willing to tell the truth? Shame on you.

Tell me what you think. What say you? Check out this live feed – https://youtu.be/40L8oB49MD0


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