The more you know…

“BUT, I bought some of those oils you are always talking about at Walmart and they didn’t work.”

‘BUT, those oils I bought at Target gave me a headache.’

“BUT, the Young Living oils I bought on Amazon didn’t smell like the samples you gave me.”

I know, friends. This is the deal, not all oils are created equal, nor are they authentic or pure… or even therapeutic.

This is why I keep educating on Young Living oils, and to buy directly from Young Living.

I read a comparison the other day that really stuck out to me… so I thought I would share it here. You know how you brew a delicious cup of coffee in the morning? Yes. Ok, but if you brew a second cup from the same grounds it will be weaker right?

What if you brewed a 3rd, 4th, 5th, or 6th cup? Pretty much dirty coffee water by that point right? No value. Unpalatable. No bueno.

It’s the same thing with oils you buy elsewhere. You are getting 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, or 6th distillations of the same oil – which are then filled with chemical fillers to take up the rest of the “space”.

But Young Living’s oils are like that first, fresh cup of delicious brewed coffee. They are the ONLY essential oil company in the world to see that every detail in the process from Seed to Seal is done with and to, the highest standards for quality in existence today. Period.

Walmart? Target? Amazon? Their quality cannot compare. That’s why they are cheaper, that’s why they don’t “work,” and that’s why they don’t smell the same! QUALITY matters friends.

I have been using oils since 2014. I didn’t know there was a difference when I first bought them, if I’m being honest.

Knowledge is power and the only regret I have now with regards to essential oils is that I didn’t know or learn about the YLEO quality sooner. 🌸🌿 All oils are not created equal. When you experience the difference, you realize how much the difference matters.❤️

Post inspiration – Elaine Rice


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