Nutmeg essential oils for emotions

Dealing with adrenal fatigue?

You might introduce Nutmeg essential oil for stress/emotional support.Our adrenals are very small glands that can cause a lot of grief when they aren’t well maintained. However, they don’t work in isolation. Energy levels and the hormones that are released from our adrenals trace back to commands from our nervous system. They are workers, doing a job. If we do not change the instructions they are receiving, they don’t have permission to do anything but exactly what they are doing – trying to help you survive.The adrenals have to work overtime when we are stuck in Fight or Flight mode. Imagine you were called in to do “temporary” overtime at a job 15 or 30 years ago, but your schedule never went back to normal. I would personally have left the job! But our adrenals are stuck with us. You may have heard that this stress mode is like a bear is chasing you. Here are some of the emotions (or wild ferocious beasts!) that can cause your nervous system to call the adrenals in for overtime so they can help you run away from your stress (flight) or dominate the threat (fight).


  • Defeated
  • Like a victim
  • No belief in self
  • Don’t care what happens to me attitude
  • Lack of courage
  • Anxiety
  • Misusing the will
  • Subconscious belief that life must have burdens
  • Being disloyal to self
  • Unresolved jealousies and fears
  • Feels one must struggle for success, power, or position

It’s possible that SEVERAL of these things are programmed into your brain as present threats. But negative emotions are threats that switch on the signal for “danger” in your mind, and your body does not know the difference in these kinds of threats and physical threats – it is all bad and meant to be fought or run from. It doesn’t really matter if it is truly threatening, your survival switch is ON and the program is on autopilot.When the thing you are fighting or running from is inside of you, you’re truly fighting a losing battle.If you identify with energy or stress issues, you may be ready to reprogram some of those signals. The number one and two steps that you’re probably already doing are:

  1. Swapping all synthetic fragrances and heavy toxins for essential oils and clean personal care products. This reduces the toxic load that your body has to fight through every day and gives you a buffer for stress. The quickest way to stress me out now is to put me in a room with a Glade plugin, but I had no idea how much that affected me until I cleaned up my everyday environment.
  2. Flooding your body with nutrients. When you give your body what it needs for nourishment, it’s amazing what it can withstand.

So let’s go on to #3!

Read the following, shared by my friend:

Replace worries with dreams and goals. I have been working on picturing the following day as I’m falling asleep, imagining myself being well rested, feeling great. When I started doing this, I immediately began getting out of bed earlier than normal, with more energy. When I spend that important resting time focusing on how GREAT the day can be, I find that I turn off my stress program and get better sleep, and also accomplish much more the next day. I also am less stressed, afraid, or prone to think the worst will happen.

What this caused me to realize is that I used to have a lot of chaotic thoughts as I fell asleep, about what hadn’t been accomplished or what I wished had been different.” So, here’s her tips:-Take a couple minutes as you’re falling asleep to inhale Nutmeg and to plant thoughts that will turn off your adrenal threats.-Diffuse Nutmeg in your bedroom before you go to sleep, and inhale some directly from the bottle. Apply a couple drops to your mid back.-Think about how you want the next day to go, and imagine waking up really refreshed. Picture something you love to do and imagine working more of that into your day. Imagine yourself setting healthy boundaries around your time, and not being as drained in the areas where you are truly needed. See yourself at peace, and having passion without fear or anxiety. Most of all, let this revolve around you personally choosing peace inside, and not around having to control anyone else’s decisions or actions. Remind yourself that the things you are doing are part of a journey, and that you can feel great about who you are becoming without beating yourself up to get there faster.

When you wake up, get yourself going with another Nutmeg pick-me-up by applying it over your mid back again, and inhaling it deeply. Remind yourself that it’s okay to expect the best from the day, because that’s how you start to CHOOSE the best.

I hope this changes things for you like it has for me… and I want to hear from you when it does!


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