Seventh Heaven Protocol

I have been a customer of Young Living since early 2014 and I have NEVER had the chance to work through this protocol due to sourcing issues – related to responsible farming, stock issues, etc. It was a kit a long time ago… and then one item went out of stock, and then another… you know, Mother Nature can be finicky sometimes. And so wait on her to do her thing and we pray for rain.

Well… this changes TOMORROW! The Inspiration blend is back tomorrow. While the combo cannot currently be purchased as a kit, they can be bought individually. And I am so excited about it!

I wanted to share this great protocol for helping us move forward with purpose. It helps to create a feeling of inner peace and motivates us to progress towards our highest potential. The blends were created to support us in pursuing meaningful experiences – and who isn’t ready for that at this point in life?!

The blends were created to help ground us and help us eliminate distractions as we focus on moving forward.

To start the protocol – ensure the room is free of distractions and quiet. Not even music… remove ALL distractions.

Here are the steps to using the Seventh Heaven protocol.

  1. Sacred Mountain on the back of the neck (or in the diffuser during the day). It promotes feelings of strength, empowerment, grounding and protection.
  2. Inspiration on top of head to support prayer / meditation.
  3. Awaken across the forehead from right temple to left temple.
  4. Gathering on temples to overcome the chaotic energy in everyday life.
  5. Humility on ears and temples.
  6. Dream Catcher on pillow (or in diffuser at night).
  7. White Angelica around body to promote feelings of protection and security. Apply a drop to each shoulder, back of neck, and wrists.

The Seventh Heaven protocol helps to put us in balanced and grounded place to move forward with purpose. The Oils of Ancient Scripture helps to move us forward spiritually. The Feelings Kit protocol helps to move us forward emotionally and is great to use alongside the Seventh Heaven protocol.

Which protocol(s) have you implemented?


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