2021. wow. it was another one for the books.

you learned so much this year.
you grew so much this year.
you conquered A LOT.
you built new things, dreamt up new things, and planned a few epic adventures that did not disappoint.

you built relationships.
you honored commitments.
you said “yes” to some exciting things and learned to say “no” to some things too. good job on the “no” part!

you worked HARD in 2021.
you worked smarter, actually.
and you rested better in 2021 too. again, good job!

you had opportunities come your way that were EXCITING!
you “sat at the table” with some of your heroes, astonished.
you were, again, recognized for your true value.

you made an impact, you used your skills & talents to bless others, and you gave of yourself to the limit you could. you truly gave it all you could. you touched lives in a way that will be long-remembered.

good job, self.
i am proud of you.

there were some hard lessons. and you weathered them with grace. there were some difficult days. and again, with the grace.

ok – pep talk done. carry on.


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