Natural Laundry Detergent

Oh Hello! It’s #seizetheDIY time again!

DIY Natural Laundry Detergent

This DIY item for your laundry room uses many of my favorite Young Living products.

What you’ll need:

Do you already have these ingredients on hand?


On-The-Go Stain Stick

On-The-Go Stain Stick, labels by MoxieOilSupplies

I love this #seizetheDIY recipe for so many reasons.

  • I can take it on the road with me
  • I can tuck one in my bag
  • It can be used anywhere without any additional water (just wash item once you can)
  • It’s not full of harmful toxins
  • I made it myself (with the help of Young Living and Mother Nature)!

What you’ll need:

Got Essential Oil Lid Labels?

Preview of Essential Oil Lid Labels


I do!  Check it out!  Oh Etsy… how I love thee!   <— Click on “Etsy” to go to my new shop!    These beauties have been Lori-tested and are Lori-approved!  They are smudge proof and oil-friendly!


But first and foremost… if you aren’t a Young Living member yet – you need to be!  You can use this LINK to enroll online.   And when you do I’ll be your first contact for connecting you to an oil resource group where we share ideas, recipes, and answer questions.  I provide education and support and if I don’t know the answer to your questions I will do my best to track it down for you.  Essential oils should be used with caution.  And when used appropriately they will ROCK YOUR WORLD!   So, why not make them pretty too?!  When you enroll I’ll send you some of these labels for FREE!!!  (Designed by yours truly!)

Our team is an amazing support – just know that you won’t be alone in this journey… we’ll research essential oils together!   For more information on how, when, where, why to use essential oils… visit this past entry > How to Use Essential Oils


Premium Starter Kit oils
Item #1 – Premium Starter Kit oils

Item #1 – Premium Starter Kit Oils (pictured above).  Each pack of these labels includes 5 sets of labels for the 11 oils that come with your Young Living Premium Starter Kit. Keep a set for yourself and give the other 4 sets out to friends who are buying their Young Living Starter Kit.  The labels / oils included are: Frankincense, Thieves, Lemon, Purification, Lavender, Peppermint, DiGize, PanAway, Copaiba, RC, and Stress Away.



Single oils & Blends
Item #2 – Essential Oil Lid Labels – Single Oils & Blends

2.  Essential Oil Lid Labels – This set of lid labels has 1 sheet for Young Living’s SINGLE oils and 1 sheet for Young Living’s essential oil BLENDS. This set includes the Premium Starter Kit oils, labels for the KidScents collection, the Oola oils, the Animal Scents oils, and even Progessence Plus (and a couple others)!

This set ALSO includes a second label for Vitality oils / for those oils that come in both 5ml and 15ml bottles.



Item #2 - Combo set of PSK oils and Singles/Blends
Item #3 – Combo set of Starter Kit oils and Singles/Blends

3.  Combo Set of Lid Labels – This combo set includes the following:

  • 1 sheet with bottle lid labels of all of Young Living’s SINGLE oils.
  • 1 sheet with bottle lid labels of all of the essential oil BLENDS offered by Young Living, including the Premium Starter Kit oils, the KidScents collection, the Oola oils, the Animal Scents oils, and even Progessence Plus (as well as a couple others)!
  • 5 strips of labels for the Premium Starter Kit oils. Keep a set for yourself and give the other 4 sets out to friends who are buying their Young Living Starter Kit.


So, what are you waiting for?  !!! GO GET YOU SOME !!!  And more products to keep rolling out as I work endlessly to bring you more beautiful-ness!!!


No-sew pillow cover instructions

Back in the day, a well-intentioned 7th grade teacher attempted to show me how to sew… it didn’t stick.   No pun intended.


For years I’ve fought off the urge to take another sewing class.  That didn’t stick either.  Sooooo… I found something that WOULD stick…  ok, that time the pun was intended….


Here is a video I relied on for the no-sew pillow cover tutorial on YouTube

(Whoever you are, thank you for putting this video together!  I owe you one!)



No-sew pillow covers
No-sew pillow cover


Now that I have harnessed the love of fabric glue… well, I may step foot into more fabric stores!


Time for some Spring Cleaning…

It’s Spring Cleaning time… in the studio.

I’ve been going through boxes and crates and bags and more boxes…  consolidating, sorting and tossing.  And I guess it’s time to let you all know that The Salvaged Home is going through some changes…

First of all I’m grateful, BEYOND grateful, at the life The Salvaged Home took on after the 2012 Christmas Ideas BH&G publication… so very grateful for the opportunities to dream and create and inspire… and to have met so many amazingly creative and inspirational people along the way… but it’s time to take a step back.

For the most part, it’s time to put the creativity to work in a few different places going forward… and I’m so excited about the opportunities on the horizon!

Some of you are already aware of my desire to write and speak encouraging words into the lives of others.  And I thank you for supporting that and encouraging me to pursue those dreams!  THANK YOU!!!  This past weekend I got to present some of my favorite DIY techniques to a gracious group of ladies who were eager to try their hand at some crafty fun!  Last month I was published in a small regional magazine (see page 12), with a brief write-up about a grand opening at a local store.  I have been dedicating extra time and effort to my blog having enjoyed several weekly challenges.  Blog traffic and readership has increased during this time.  Last December I had the opportunity to prepare a talk for about 100 ladies, and presented it at a special Christmas event and dinner. Several months before that I stretched myself by leading a mixed media art workshop for some very special friends who wanted to “play”.

The more I write and prepare and teach and present… well, the more I am reminded of my long-term dream of writing.

Plainly speaking, I love writing.  I love the creativity of expressing thoughts, inspiration and life lessons through words.  I thrive on sharing with others… using words to do so, authentically.

I’ve been writing creatively for over 30 years… and studying creative writing for over 30 years.  And dreaming about creative writing for over 30 years.  It has been a dream of mine to write.  There, it’s out there.  Through the joys and struggles and lessons of life… I’ve long known that I would be writing.  I just wasn’t in too much of a rush to make it happen.  I just knew… when it happens, it’ll happen.

With that said, it appears I am finally ready to pursue that dream.  To do so, I am itching to do some spring cleaning of the studio in an effort to hold on to the projects I truly love and make room (in my house, in my heart and in my mind) for this next adventure.

Which brings me to my point… this post is to announce The Salvaged Home GARAGE SALE!!!  I will have DEEP DISCOUNTS available on display pieces along with products/project leftovers and even better prices on incomplete projects and more!  

When?  Saturday, April 5th at the Spring Market @ Lobos Country Store.  Mark your calendars!!!

And speaking of Lobos Country Store… you’ll want to plan for some extra time to spend at the Spring Market.  Food trucks, live AWESOME music by Suzanne Harper and loads of good stuff!  11 am – 6 pm on April 5th.  See you there!

All of that to say, my current plan is to continue to do craft fairs and shows… but on a much smaller scale. So do not fret! Currently I still plan on participating at several of the fun events in the Fall (just on a much smaller scale). What that looks like going forward hasn’t really been determined yet… but I know this, I will never stop creating!

TUTORIAL: Mod podge transfer technique

It’s time for another Seize the DIY tutorial!!!  Are you ready for this one?  You’re going to love how easy this!

Ingredients:  a few white-washed terra-cotta pots, scissors, printed images, mod podge (i prefer the satin finish), sponge brush and water.


First I started with some small terra-cotta pots that had previously been white-washed.  Super easy… if I haven’t yet posted that tutorial I’ll work on it soon.

Then I printed up some images I wanted to use (the bees).  In the image above you’ll see that I also showed a sample of words – which are shown as a “mirror” image.  When you use this technique to transfer words you’ll need to remember to print them as “mirror” images… or you’ll be as frustrated as I’ve been on a number of occasions when I forgot to do so.  ugh.


Anyway… cut out your image and then apply mod podge to the printed side of the paper.  Place on the object you’re transferring it to and then add some more mod podge to the outer layer of your image.  This will help the image to lay flat as you press down with the brush (it will help remove any bubbles that might be under the paper.)




For this technique I like to use the satin finish mod podge.  you could use the matte finish too.  that way if any gets on the object you’ve transferred the image onto it’s not as obvious when you remove the image (you won’t have shiny glossy mod podge to deal with after the fact).

At this point, set it aside and let it dry for several hours.  I usually do this at night… and then come back to the project in the morning.


When you’re ready to work some magic… start by applying water to the piece of paper.  I just use my finger.  But you could use a sponge brush.  rub the water onto the paper, until it starts to soak in.  At first it will only start to soak into the top lay of paper.  But give it some time, and keep applying the water.  You’ll most likely see the edges start to darken.




Then you can start CAREFULLY pulling up the paper around the edges.  Just start with one of the darker/wet edges of paper.  Pull up slowly.  Apply more water if needed.  Once the top layer of paper is pulled up the water will soak in much better.  Have patience and keep applying water.




Then, as you’ll see in the image above, the second layer of paper will come up pretty easily… see?

My tip is to rub your index finger on the pot in a circular motion.  The paper will come right up.  If you want, you can sand down the final image, after all the paper is gone… but gently.

And voila!

Now quickly!  Run to the store and stock up on terra-cotta pots!  It’s Spring!  You’ll want to plant things… I’m just sure of it.



Brilliance 2014, by SoCal Network

Seize the DIY, with Lori Tisdale
Seize the DIY, with Lori Tisdale

I get to be a part of something really exciting in T minus 2 weeks:  The Brilliance 2014 Conference

Ladies from surrounding cities will descend upon Orange County First Assembly of God church for a weekend of enrichment … and challenges.

I love their theme verse:

The Lord is my Strength and my Personal Bravery.  Habakkuk 3:19

be brave
The Lord is my Strength and my personal Bravery. Hab. 3:19

Where do I fit in here?  I’m leading one of the many workshops which kick off the weekend with loads of fun!

I’ve prepared several lively demonstrations of easy DIY projects that are bound to get the creativity flowing!

I’m here to challenge the attendees to Seize the DIY!

A little bit about why I create…

“At Kids’ Camp (when I was 9 years old) God made it very clear to me what His call on my life was:  He was going to use my hands in a myriad of ways to bring glory to His name.  At the age of 9 I had no idea what that meant, but my hands got warm / it felt like they were on fire.

“I now recognize His gifts in moments when I’m holding a baby or praying for a friend or shaking hands with a homeless person or designing something in my studio.  Whether it’s paper-crafting or water-coloring or hot-glueing layers of something together… I pray that He is glorified in my art.  I recognize that I am an image bearer of the Creator … and so I dream. create. inspire. “