Welcome to my blog… where I humbly offer random thoughts, personal growth insights, failed and successful cooking recipes, silliness by way of Crazy Lori Stories, some crafty goodness every now and then and info on other things that I am passionate about.

Lori Tisdale

As a Christian I believe that we were each created with unique gifts and a specific purpose, to worship Him in how we live… from our dreams, to what we create and how we inspire others just by being ourselves…

My unique life-perspective comes through in just about everything I set my heart to. Whether it’s writing or designing or craft-therapy my soul is enriched by the very thought of empowering others and living authentically.

My life story began when I surprised my parents (for the first, but not last, time) by coming into this world 3 weeks early.  And the surprises haven’t stopped ::: Have they Mom? :::

Raised in church, and as a “preacher’s kid”, I have a distinctly different perspective of church and leadership … including my own journey of finding a faith in her Heavenly Father that was all my own, and in my own time.

Having a passion for authentic living and learning, I view my life as an open book… and I love to sit down over a cup of coffee and truly connect with people.

I enjoy blogging by reflecting on life lessons, exploring various DIY/craft projects, kitchen successes (and failures), and sharing the insight from God’s word as it pertains to His calling on our lives (and the life lived in between all of the rest).

Read more here for Lori’s Grace Story (testimony)

Speaking: Interested in hearing Lori at an upcoming event?  Lori is available to speak at church events and small groups on topics like:

  • {attitude of} Gratitude
  • Daily reliance on God’s gift of Grace
  • Healing through Forgiveness
  • God’s divine Providence
  • Essential Oils: The Basics, Oils of Ancient Scripture, and more
  • Coaching for Entrepreneurs / business building / leadership
  • And on the creative front, with live DIY/craft demonstrations and workshops

Contact me for availability.  I’d love to learn more about the details of your event.  Email:  lorijtisdale@gmail.com

As featured in:

Escondido City Magazine, Spring 2014 issue

(It’s a little article, but I wrote it!  And the editor agreed to publish it!)

Escondido City Magazine
Escondido City Magazine

Christmas Ideas (2012), a special interest publication by Better Homes & Gardens

Christmas Ideas 2012

My hand-crafted sheet music rosettes are featured on the cover,

shown as clip-on ornaments in the Christmas tree!

(including an article inside the magazine)

What an honor!


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