Have you ever asked “What could this become?”

You know… I have never done this before but hey it’s 2020 so why not?! 😁

Are there any of you on our team who would like to be added to the Team Moxie business group for 30 days? It is primarily for us to encourage each other, help each other learn how to serve our teams well, provide resources for each other and any other business training that needs to be communicated. (Like website updates, in stock / out of stock updates, insider info on inventory, etc)

I know that there are MANY of you that are struggling right now financially so if seeing “behind the curtain” on what working Young Living as a full time career or a supplemental income would look like would help you than I am an open book! I would love to work with you to reach any goals you may have no matter there size.

*pay a bill
*cover your monthly loyalty rewards order
*cover all those things on your wish list
*pay off debt
*vacation fund
*retirement fund
*work in a field that has unlimited space for growth
*secondary income (C V 19 really made this one stand out for many.

I am so thankful that I had this job that only boomed during the worse of it.

No matter what your reason is we can help. There is no extra fee for you to do this business. There is no stock that you have to buy. We do not have required business bundles. There is no initial huge investment like many other companies. Your kit was all you needed and you all have that already. It is just a matter of I want to be only a customer or I would not mind making a little (or a lot) of money for sharing what I love using and why.

Myself, or your enroller, would help you get started. And like I said we have a group dedicated to this that is FULL of all the info you would need.

Myself, or your enroller, would help you get started. And like I said we have a group dedicated to this that is FULL of all the info you would need. I was sharing with a member of Young Living Corporate about this amazing group (and our business group too) and he said “Lori – do you know YL has THOUSANDS of leaders and members that would give their left arm for this kind of training and resources?! Your team is locked and loaded for success.”

If you want an inside view of what that looks like comment below and I will get you in there. You do not have to stay. You can just be nosey and leave when you are ready to or after the 30 days. I do not want to just be a position of leadership for you – I want you all to trust me and the entire process.

Let’s take the journey to health you are already on and use it to help you hit those goals!


Here’s to the crazy ones…

You do

Here’s to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in square holes…

… the ones who see things differently. They’re not fond of rules. And they have no respect for the status quo. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them. About the only thing you can’t do is ignore them. Because they change things. They push the human race forward. And while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.” – Rob Siltanen

A shout out to the wave makers, the change chasers, the truth seekers, the chain breakers, the hope dealers, and the kindness spillers. Keep doing you!

Keep walking away from things that weren’t meant for you… and walking towards what you were created for. The final destination may not look like what you first thought… but it will be perfect for you!

Note to Self…

It’s not ideal… but it doesn’t suck.

It’s not what you imagined… but you’re still making moves!

It’s a bit uncomfortable… but you’re still chasing your goals.

It’s at a different pace than you expected… but you’re still going!

Keep it up! You were created to be His hands & feet.

You were created to do great things!

You’re inspiring others to do the same. And that’s doing it like a BOSS!

Freedom Anniversary 2020

celebrating freedom in

Watching the sunrise this morning, and wrapping up my introspective week.

It’s been five full days of looking back on and sharing about the life-changing event that happened to me on Friday October 20th, 1996. It didn’t just happen TO me… it happened FOR me. Yep, FOR me.

FORGIVENESS has been a “thing” in my life… lesson after lesson since I was a young kid. And the lessons just keep coming… we’re always learning & growing, aren’t we? You guys, life is 80 percent personal development.

So today’s post comes with a challenge: Is there someone in your life you need to offer forgiveness to?

Ouch? Yeah, I know. That’s not a comfortable question. Do you need to forgive yourself? Maybe a parent? A former friend? A former spouse?

How do you do that? You just DO IT. Do you need to write them a letter that goes in a desk drawer and never gets sent? Do you need to find the resolve in your heart to just LET IT GO? Do you need to sit down with them and have an eye-to-eye, heart-to-heart conversation? Do you need to just move on?

Holding on to bitterness (and letting the victim mentality guide your actions, your words, your future relationships) doesn’t hurt the person who hurt you. It eats YOU up. Only you can change that. That’s right. Only YOU can let go of whatever it is you’re holding on to…

This forgiveness thing might take you years. That’s ok. It did for me too. And then all of a sudden I released it all. So, I’m not pushing you to do that TODAY – but I am pushing you to do it. Love you, mean it! 😘

Friends, if you feel this – you KNOW this to be true. You were not created to live a comfortable life. You were born to be an influencer and a radical world changer. Don’t shrink back from the call God has for you! Step into it. He will lead you. He will guide you. He will part the sea for your courage. I stinking P-R-O-M-I-S-E you that!

And I’m here for you. You’re not alone.

By bravely living out your story you give others the power to do the same.

Yesterday afternoon I shared some of my rough patches in life, part of my life story, with a friend. I shared it with laughter and a light attitude. But it still stings to share it. One of the responses was: “I’d never have known. You always come across as so brave.”

So… tell me, what does “brave” look like?

Brave looks like loving life. It looks like someone enjoying the journey. It looks like it might even be easy… please know, that it isn’t always.

Brave looks like naiveté… to some.

It looks like trusting people and believing the best from them. I try to live by something I learned from John Maxwell: “Put a ’10’ on their heads”… meaning, view them as them doing their best. And expect from them their best.

Brave looks like offering hope. Don’t just BE HOPEFUL – be a hope dealer.(No, I didn’t say “dope dealer” 🤣 be a HOPE dealer.) Give it away.

Share openly. Be vulnerable and real.

You might be too much for people. That’s ok.
The people who need your message, your hope, your belief, your raw YOU, your courage, your charisma… they’ll find you.

Share of yourself.
Share of your wisdom. Share of your resources.
Share your conviction and confidence.
Share your compassion.
Share your God-given passion. Passion draws passion.

Share of YOU. You are powerful and brave, friend!

2 Timothy 1:7

It’s your turn…

It’s your turn to…
Use your voice. Speak up.
Stand out. Build a following.
Market a way of life.
Share your message.
Make a connection.
Challenge complacency.
Solve an interesting problem.
Change your mind. Say yes.
Do hard work.

Build, write, sing, create, invent, ask hard questions, launch a project, direct, produce, learn a new skill, help someone, BELIEVE.

It’s your turn. You’re going to want to remember today. And tomorrow. And the next time your actions make waves.

Go ahead, chief ruckus maker, do the things. It’s your turn.

Isaiah 43:19

An invite to Capitol Hill!

I thought it was a hoax when I got the email invite. And so I checked w/ an insider… and he confirmed it! I had been picked to be 1 of a handful of representatives from my company to speak with members of #USCongress tomorrow…. for #directsellingday, about why I do what I do, about the impact of our business on families I get to work with, and why I have chosen this as my career. What an honor… it’s humbling and exciting!

Usually this invite includes a flight to Washington DC for a few days of in-person meetings – but 2020 had other plans. 🤣 So we’re taking it virtual. The same important issues will be on the table. But there will be less hand-shaking, pats on the back, and photo opps. Instead we will focus on our WHY. And I could talk about my WHY all day long. BRING IT!

When you filter out the rest of the social media and the stuff that comes along with that… what is it I do? I educate others by sharing my stories. And I love telling a good story.

Look, direct selling may not be for everyone… but ANYONE can run with it, especially if they’re willing to put in some hard work, do the HEART work, and do the good work of HELPING people. When your passion, your values, and your goals align with a good company – why WOULDN’T you want to partner with them?

And to know that your efforts are impacting economies, locally … nationally… and even GLOBALLY? I’ve seen this impact for 6 1/2 years now and the opportunities just keep coming! I get to share this excitement, this drive, this passion with our elected officials tomorrow. It is important to me to request their attention to consumer protection legislation. It is important to me, as an American, to boldly take a stand for the entrepreneur, for the professionals running their business in a way that supports their family and their goals.



I just listened to a friend talk on a video about all the “yes” responses she’s made over the past 7 years as a business owner… and how, over years of “yes’s”, some of those answers were looked at as crazy and didn’t necessarily make sense at the time. But her intuition told her they were right.

And yet TODAY – facing the challenges (read that “opportunities”) their family is pivoting through right now… it all makes sense as to why she knew her YES’S needed to be.

And it reminds me of my crazy YES’S, in a heart-warming way 🤣 … our decision to accept an offer on our home we weren’t really ready to sell, my decision to leave my career in the investment industry, my commitment to learn some new skills as a 40+ year old business owner, our decision to commit to an interstate move, my decision to start a new business while already building another, a decision to forge ahead on a whole new career path, and so many other things… meant that I could be here, established, with relationships and knowledge to aid our family and be WITH FAMILY through Grampa’s health crisis and passing earlier this year PLUS being by Gramma’s side through ALL.OF.THIS (aka “2020”) all while she navigated being alone for the first time since she was 19 yrs old (she’s 97 now)… including her broken ankle and all that entailed. Wow. Just wow.

The “YES’S” didn’t quite make sense at the time… but with prayer and the Holy Spirit guiding us through it all… I was right where I needed to be, when I needed to be there… with the tools & resources necessary. We had exactly what we needed… and we would have never known that’s what we needed.

So, friends… I share this to say, it may not necessarily make sense today. But God knows. He always knows.

Don’t quit. Keep saying YES! Be ready! Keep going! This adventure is truly inspiring! Look for more reasons to say YES and then hang on tight! You’re right where you need to be…. He’s GOT THIS!

Where does wisdom come from?

Another bit of wisdom from the Maxwell Leadership Bible to unpack this evening… again from the book of Job. The book of Job is the story of a normal human being who is beset by misfortune and suffering. Looking back on my notes this week I am pretty sure this theme was not on accident… God pulled me to study Job last week for a purpose. I made page after page of notes… and I wanted to share another topic of study tonight.

Job 28: 20-28 “Where then does wisdom come from? Where does understanding dwell? It is hidden from the eyes of every living thing, concealed even from the birds in the sky. Destruction and Death say, “Only a rumor of it has reached our ears.” God understands the way to it and he alone knows where it dwells, for he views the ends of the earth and sees everything under the heavens. When he established the force of the wind and measured out the waters, when he made a decree for the rain and a path for the thunderstorm, then he looked at wisdom and appraised it; he confirmed it and tested it. And he said to the human race, “The fear of the Lord—that is wisdom, and to shun evil is understanding.”

Job recognized his source of wisdom and sought after it earnestly.

Despite his confusion and pain, Job makes it clear that he looks to God alone for wisdom. Let that sink in…

Job understands that he cannot lead himself, let alone his family, without God as his never-ending source of perspective and understanding. Job has heard from his friends and knows that their theories ring hollow. Again, let that sink in… do you surround yourself with friends who are God-focused?

Job focused his efforts and time on God-wisdom.

So how does man’s wisdom differ from Godly wisdom?

Wisdom from BELOW:
o Works temporarily in a few situations
o Seems logical for the moment
o Limited in scope
o Competitive: it is win/lose

Wisdom from GOD:
o Is universal and timeless; yet eternally relevant
o Often seems illogical or sometimes backwards
o Always big picture and unlimited in scope
o Complementary: it is a win/win

Where do you spend your time when seeking wisdom? Who do you turn to? Are you working on changing some habits, like I am?

You are not alone.

about me

life is good…

I’d like to think of myself as a simple girl…  that I’m never moody, that I love all of life’s circumstances every second of every day, that I never have anything happen to me that I want to complain about, that I wouldn’t change a thing about my athletic ability / body / house-slash-living-arrangements in ” the ‘hood ” / horrid hand-eye coordination / morning breath, and that all my dreams have already come true… oh yeah, and that I’m not in the least bit delusional (or just full of it).  ; – )

So what do I do with my life, my time?  read, cook, bake, write, do my best to be a good friend, laugh with my family, cycle, enjoy plenty of time in my lil’ back yard, take pictures, learn from other people, enjoy road trips and spend time with my hero-of-a-hubby.  (if only i never had to clean the bathroom, pull a few weeds, take out the trash and go through the mail… )

So what’s up with this blog?  There was a time in my life I was keeping up with a food blog, photo blog, craft blog (and a few other, less-read blogs)… as author of all of these separately.  And at some point I thought to myself Why do I have so many blogs?

As I thought through the process of merging blogs it was a struggle… am I a bit disillusioned that anyone even wants to read what I have to write, think, share?  Does it add to anyone’s existence?  Does my written word get thrown out there for a specific purpose?  And then the thought hits me… I’ve been given this gift.  And why are we given gifts?  To share them of course!  So as long as I can share this … with at least one person… you know the drill…

And then came these questions… what would  The Blog focus on?  am I a cook?  a baker?  a photographer?  crafter?  wife?  contemplative writer?  challenging blogger?  a simple girl finding meaning in life, struggles, joys, the journey through my writing…

So, there’s my answer.  All of the above.  I’m an artist.  I’m a writer.  And all of these things make my heart and soul happy.  So, I’d like to introduce myself… I’m Lori and life is good!

Note to the reader:  Thank you in advance for putting up with the “construction zone” as I slowly continue to merge all of the blogs together… that part might take a while…  and the blog appearance may even evolve a bit as I settle in.    I’ll make myself at home… why don’t you too?