10 years of blogging?!

If you click to the very end of the blog you’ll see that the first blog post is dated in 2001!!!  That makes 10 years!

I didn’t believe it myself … but it’s true.

One of these days there may be a book… after 20+ years of writing there is bound to be!

To celebrate 10 years … I’m merging several blogs into one place, revamping the style, and still not holding my breath that I have more than 3 consistent readers.


about me

life is good…

I’d like to think of myself as a simple girl…  that I’m never moody, that I love all of life’s circumstances every second of every day, that I never have anything happen to me that I want to complain about, that I wouldn’t change a thing about my athletic ability / body / house-slash-living-arrangements in ” the ‘hood ” / horrid hand-eye coordination / morning breath, and that all my dreams have already come true… oh yeah, and that I’m not in the least bit delusional (or just full of it).  ; – )

So what do I do with my life, my time?  read, cook, bake, write, do my best to be a good friend, laugh with my family, cycle, enjoy plenty of time in my lil’ back yard, take pictures, learn from other people, enjoy road trips and spend time with my hero-of-a-hubby.  (if only i never had to clean the bathroom, pull a few weeds, take out the trash and go through the mail… )

So what’s up with this blog?  There was a time in my life I was keeping up with a food blog, photo blog, craft blog (and a few other, less-read blogs)… as author of all of these separately.  And at some point I thought to myself Why do I have so many blogs?

As I thought through the process of merging blogs it was a struggle… am I a bit disillusioned that anyone even wants to read what I have to write, think, share?  Does it add to anyone’s existence?  Does my written word get thrown out there for a specific purpose?  And then the thought hits me… I’ve been given this gift.  And why are we given gifts?  To share them of course!  So as long as I can share this … with at least one person… you know the drill…

And then came these questions… what would  The Blog focus on?  am I a cook?  a baker?  a photographer?  crafter?  wife?  contemplative writer?  challenging blogger?  a simple girl finding meaning in life, struggles, joys, the journey through my writing…

So, there’s my answer.  All of the above.  I’m an artist.  I’m a writer.  And all of these things make my heart and soul happy.  So, I’d like to introduce myself… I’m Lori and life is good!

Note to the reader:  Thank you in advance for putting up with the “construction zone” as I slowly continue to merge all of the blogs together… that part might take a while…  and the blog appearance may even evolve a bit as I settle in.    I’ll make myself at home… why don’t you too?

Kettlecorn WINNERS!!!

Two lucky winners will receive in the mail a big ol’ bag of Maw ‘n Paw Kettlekorn’s Zebra Caramel Chocolate … as soon as I can get to the mailbox. Email me your addresses gals (I think I have them – but just to make sure). Email: tisdalestamps@yahoo.com.

Drum roll please… we’re doing a very technical drawing tonight…

::: drum roll, drum roll, drum roll :::
::: come on, use your imagination :::

Winner #1…

And winner #2…

Congratulations ladies! You can thank me later…

enjoy your time in the kitchen…

it’s just a good treat… and a CONTEST!!!

I received this as a gift on my birthday… and I love you so much I have to share it with you!

In fact… we find ourselves with the need to award a prize or two! (Because as soon as I tasted this stuff I got on their website and ordered more. And there is NO GOOD REASON for me to eat all 5 bags that I ordered.) A huge THANK YOU shout out to the people who created the best kettlecorn around: Maw ‘n Paw Kettlekorn

So, answer this question by posting a comment below … deadline is Tuesday at 9 am (Pacific Time)

“What is your favorite time of year?”

(And it doesn’t have to be a season… it could be an anniversary of something special, family vacation ritual, etc.)

2 winners will be announced on Tuesday evening at 6 pm.
(Winners will be picked picked by my hero-of-a-hubby, lottery-style.)

Tell your friends, tell your neighbors, tell your Gramma… ‘cuz they’ll want to get their hands on this stuff!

Just take another look at how SCRUMPTIOUS this is…

And yes, it’s as good as it looks.

This is Maw ‘N Paw’s Zebra Caramel Chocolate blend. It’s caramel kettlecorn drizzled with both white and milk chocolate.

Oh holy cow… or should I say “holy zebra!” ???

enjoy your time in the kitchen…

blog tip…

Someone recently posted a blog on their site with tips for the home blogger. . .The thing that stuck with me about her tips was that you should write your posts as if you’re talking to your sister.

Well, I have a problem… I don’t have a sister.

So, then I thought about talking with my close girlfriend.

But I think that poses another problem…

My blog would sound something like this, if it’s anything like our phone calls…

Me: “Hey – did you see the weather report for the next few days?”
Her: “Yes! I’m so OVER this heat! When can we welcome Fall?!”

Me: “Do you want anything from Trader Joe’s? I’m stopping by there on the way home.”
Her: “Um… I just went a few days ago. Beat ya!”

::: break for her children screaming in the back ground :::

Me: “When do we get to hang out next?!”
Her: “Child of mine – when is your FATHER coming home?! He needs to keep me from strangling you!”

Me: “Like I said… when do we get to hang out next?!”
Her: “I’m not sure. It depends on whether or not you’ll have to bail me out of jail.”

So, I’m going to instead just keep going the way I’ve been going… maybe a little tweak here and there.

And that’s all I’ve got for now… no cooking blog tonight. I didn’t stop by TJ’s on the way home afterall.

enjoy your time in the kitchen…

Sunday lunch…

Today I enjoyed my provolone panini and grilled asparagus as I sat down to watch a movie (“The Men Who Stare at Goats”, from Netflix – hysterical so far, in a dark and very “odd” sort of way).

My movie continues and I am on the computer to do a little blogging, plan out the afternoon and the rest of the chores I have to do today, this week…. and when I’m going to run all of the necessary errands, etc.

We have house guests next weekend… and I’m looking forward to it! But I’ve got a lot to do between now and then.

First… I’ll watch the rest of this movie and try to figure out what it’s talking about … but first I need to take the cookies out of the oven.

I love my life!!!

enjoy your time in the kitchen…

Kitchen is closed!

First let me say, I would only close the kitchen under a number of scenarios…

1) If I was on vacation
2) If temps reached over 105 degrees F
3) If my Hero-of-a-Hubby took me out on a hot date
4) If I was incapable of cooking

And today I’m talking about a combination of scenario 4, which then means scenario 3!!!

About two weeks ago I got whip lash.

No, I wasn’t in a car accident. But it did involve a car.

Just call me a clutz!

As I walked passed my SUV, I smacked my shoulder into the side mirror! Yes – you read that right!

I’m telling you, I’ve always said … if you wanna do it right – you gotta do it yourself!

(I hear your laughter! But don’t feel bad – my chiropractor laughed at me WHILE he was diagnosing the problem!)

So, along with whip lash comes a very painful pinched nerve situation. I can only describe it as a piercing pain coming from my neck, travelling along the collarbone, down my left shoulder and into my elbow and forearm. I have lost quite a bit of strength in my arm… which means I can barely even lift a glass of water! Let alone wash dishes, strain items over the sink, pull a heavy casserole pan out of the oven, etc.

So on to scenario #3! Oh darn… my hero-of-a-hubby is going to have to take me out to dinner tonight. And my chiropractor is going to have to put up with some more visits from me.

And for the visual learners out there… here’s a picture I stumbled across in my google search…

If you ask me, it’s radiculopathy!

And yes, in case you were wondering… this is why my Mom didn’t name me “Grace”.

enjoy your time in the kitchen… (‘cuz I’m living vicariously through you right now!)

Qatar, Korea and Russia?!

This week I added a map tracking widget to my blog (if you haven’t seen it yet, scroll down and watch the margin on the right side). I was curious where in the world people were reading from.

I knew I had reader-friends in and around the Eastern seaboard, Oklahoma and various Southern California areas… because they’ve left comments here. Plus, they’re my friends… they have to be nice to me! 😉

But Qatar, Korea and Russia?!

Please introduce yourselves and tell us a little bit about yourselves…

I am beside myself to know that I stand in my grungy-chic 1930’s kitchen, taking pictures of my not-so-healthy food with my half-broken camera… testing recipes, learning about new ingredients (rather, new-to-me ingredients), playing with cooking techniques… and someone across the Atlantic might be doing the same?!

It really IS a small world… let’s all learn together and share what we know. We may be from different places in life, different countries, different income categories, etc. But I know one thing about each and every one of us… we all love to cook!

enjoy your time in the kitchen…