Our Oily Footprint

Club Moxie Oily Footprint as of March 2021…

This is the oily footprint of our essential oil community. I am BLESSED to have linked arms with this group of people who love sharing their love of Young Living’s products! We are literally sharing with friends + family around the world! Just to think that we get to be a part of THIS! It’s truly humbling!

The colorful states are all places that the Club Moxie Oilers are dropping our oily knowledge and sharing the love of essential oils and our oil-infused nutritionals. This plant juice is powerful stuff!

Plus, (not included in the image) we have members in Norway, Germany, England, and various parts of Mexico! So why am I posting this at 3 am? Because we’re seeking new GLOBAL members to join us from Romania, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Australia, American Samoa, and more!!! Let’s chat!


Have you ever asked “What could this become?”

You know… I have never done this before but hey it’s 2020 so why not?! 😁

Are there any of you on our team who would like to be added to the Team Moxie business group for 30 days? It is primarily for us to encourage each other, help each other learn how to serve our teams well, provide resources for each other and any other business training that needs to be communicated. (Like website updates, in stock / out of stock updates, insider info on inventory, etc)

I know that there are MANY of you that are struggling right now financially so if seeing “behind the curtain” on what working Young Living as a full time career or a supplemental income would look like would help you than I am an open book! I would love to work with you to reach any goals you may have no matter there size.

*pay a bill
*cover your monthly loyalty rewards order
*cover all those things on your wish list
*pay off debt
*vacation fund
*retirement fund
*work in a field that has unlimited space for growth
*secondary income (C V 19 really made this one stand out for many.

I am so thankful that I had this job that only boomed during the worse of it.

No matter what your reason is we can help. There is no extra fee for you to do this business. There is no stock that you have to buy. We do not have required business bundles. There is no initial huge investment like many other companies. Your kit was all you needed and you all have that already. It is just a matter of I want to be only a customer or I would not mind making a little (or a lot) of money for sharing what I love using and why.

Myself, or your enroller, would help you get started. And like I said we have a group dedicated to this that is FULL of all the info you would need.

Myself, or your enroller, would help you get started. And like I said we have a group dedicated to this that is FULL of all the info you would need. I was sharing with a member of Young Living Corporate about this amazing group (and our business group too) and he said “Lori – do you know YL has THOUSANDS of leaders and members that would give their left arm for this kind of training and resources?! Your team is locked and loaded for success.”

If you want an inside view of what that looks like comment below and I will get you in there. You do not have to stay. You can just be nosey and leave when you are ready to or after the 30 days. I do not want to just be a position of leadership for you – I want you all to trust me and the entire process.

Let’s take the journey to health you are already on and use it to help you hit those goals!

You smell good!

“You smell good! What am I smelling?” I get that a lot after hugging a friend. My response: “Just breathe. It’s good for you!” 🥰

I want to say a great big thank you to all of YOU who have supported my essential oil business over the past 6 1/2 years! Who could have guessed that getting a diffuser and a few oils would have turned out this way?! Happy Small Business Saturday!

In early 2014 I was desperate to find something to relieve my chronic sinus issues. Round after round of various kinds of modern medicine didn’t even touch it. Then I figured – what have I got to lose, let’s see what else these oils can do. Let’s put them to the test. And what do you know?!

In 2019 I left a 25+ year career in the investment industry to run my small business full-time. Was I crazy? Yup… probably. 🤯

Together, our tribe has helped kids get through school days with less anxiety, parents teach their more focused kids, business professionals stay healthy and on the job, frontline workers stay on top of their A-game, given family members rest when caring for an aging relative, offered tools to provide emotional support through some hard times of life… and so on.

Our tribe spreads from Hawaii to Germany… and throughout the UK, and soon Montenegro! We are global, baby!

If you are reading this and have questions – come find me. I’m here for you! You are not alone.

#ShopSmall #entrepreneur #smallbusinessowner #shopsmallbusinesssaturday

Note to Self…

It’s not ideal… but it doesn’t suck.

It’s not what you imagined… but you’re still making moves!

It’s a bit uncomfortable… but you’re still chasing your goals.

It’s at a different pace than you expected… but you’re still going!

Keep it up! You were created to be His hands & feet.

You were created to do great things!

You’re inspiring others to do the same. And that’s doing it like a BOSS!

But why wouldn’t you?

“No MLMs”

I still see this… almost daily.

“I’m looking for an amazing liquid foundation that will last all day – but please no MLMs”🧐
Or “I am looking to make extra income – but no MLMs”

I think to myself… 🤔

But why wouldn’t you want to model for your kids – hard work + integrity and build wealth for them at the same time? Maybe also model for them what it’s like to be a business owner and how to do all the things?

Or why wouldn’t you want to support a friend’s business? Maybe a mom raising kids and working from home? Or a college student trying to rock school and make money between all the work. Or a person trying to not live paycheck to paycheck anymore.

I guess when I really think about it, I get it. It’s not for everyone. But ANYONE can do it with a dedication to hard work and some self-discipline.

When it boils down to it – success in a corporate job also relies on relationships, personal development, believing in a product, and sharing about it.

When was the last time you told a friend about a movie to watch, a restaurant to try, a pair of stretchy pants that changed your life, your massage therapist, a vacation spot that was like heaven on earth…

Why not share products you love, an opportunity you love, with friends you love, and make money doing it?


Yes, this is my full time. And I’m doing work I thoroughly enjoy! And I know it’s changing lives. I’m hearing the stories daily. I’m proud of this good work!

An invite to Capitol Hill!

I thought it was a hoax when I got the email invite. And so I checked w/ an insider… and he confirmed it! I had been picked to be 1 of a handful of representatives from my company to speak with members of #USCongress tomorrow…. for #directsellingday, about why I do what I do, about the impact of our business on families I get to work with, and why I have chosen this as my career. What an honor… it’s humbling and exciting!

Usually this invite includes a flight to Washington DC for a few days of in-person meetings – but 2020 had other plans. 🤣 So we’re taking it virtual. The same important issues will be on the table. But there will be less hand-shaking, pats on the back, and photo opps. Instead we will focus on our WHY. And I could talk about my WHY all day long. BRING IT!

When you filter out the rest of the social media and the stuff that comes along with that… what is it I do? I educate others by sharing my stories. And I love telling a good story.

Look, direct selling may not be for everyone… but ANYONE can run with it, especially if they’re willing to put in some hard work, do the HEART work, and do the good work of HELPING people. When your passion, your values, and your goals align with a good company – why WOULDN’T you want to partner with them?

And to know that your efforts are impacting economies, locally … nationally… and even GLOBALLY? I’ve seen this impact for 6 1/2 years now and the opportunities just keep coming! I get to share this excitement, this drive, this passion with our elected officials tomorrow. It is important to me to request their attention to consumer protection legislation. It is important to me, as an American, to boldly take a stand for the entrepreneur, for the professionals running their business in a way that supports their family and their goals.


Get paid to play with oils…

Are you curious?

The first time I said out loud “This is my job. I introduce people to Young Living and get paid to play with oils.” it felt a little strange.

How did I get here? Well, I’ve been on the corporate side of things, the investment industry to be exact, for the past twenty something years. I was surrounded daily by spreadsheets, market analysis reports, stock valuations, opinions on global trends, and more… and my worst subject in all my years of school? MATH. I know, I know… life is funny.

Needless to say, pursuing my own path where I’m passionate about the topic and LOVE to connect with people, help people, and serve people by empowering them to build a plan for themselves… well, it’s why I spring out of bed in the morning.

And I get paid to do it!

Some ask, “Can I just use oils for my own personal use?” Yes, and you never have to do pursue the business side of Young Living at full tilt like I am… but did you know that getting paid to play is an option? You can actually pay your bills, pay off debt, put your kids through college, or make some huge dreams a reality… you know, if that’s your thing.

If you’re a little curious here’s a little sneak peak into how I get paid to play with oils. It’s fun and I love it!

I bought my oil starter kit and told my friend who introduced me to Young Living that I had ZERO interest in learning about the business side – I was too busy.

Well, wouldn’t you know it? I couldn’t keep the good news to myself. The sharing happened naturally. I took a picture of a combo that I had fallen in love with. I posted it on social media. And I had a ton of questions from my friends. How do you use that combo? What did you experience? How can I get some of that in my life?

And then it occurred to me – maybe I can make a little bit of money to pay for my oils with that monthly check from Young Living.

And then I got my first check… just for sharing something I love.

Fast forward five years, I continued to share what I loved about Young Living Essential Oils (the company and their other products) while still working a full time job. In fact during that five years we also: sold a home, moved into a temporary apartment, 6 months later moved out of state into a new rental, changed jobs, purchased a new home, and then started another job… all while I continued to share what I love about oils.

And during that stressful time of life our Young Living team grew from 12 members to over 600 members! I shared, my friends shared, their friends shared and so on. I wasn’t doing this all by myself. (Truthfully, I COULDN’T do this by myself.) This is a team-oriented, friendship-based business. There is freedom in it all, in that we can do our own thing OR we can link arms and build our businesses together. We can work this business the way it suits us.

At this point, the Young Living income pays for a good portion of our monthly living expenses. This is my full time job! Our cars are paid off. We don’t live an extravagant life. We really are

My dream is simple: I want to build a lodge to be used for a retreat center. I want Camp Moxie to be a place that people can come for comfort, relaxation, connection, good company, renewal, and grounding. I want there to be good food on the table, I want there to be a fire pit with good conversation, and I want people to feel at home among nature.

This dream was put in my heart by my Maker. And the means will be provided as well. In the meantime, I continue to share what I love and dream big dreams.

What does a Young Living business look like?

First off, Young Living as a company is full of integrity and focused on sustainability. In 2019 they celebrated are amazing, they are an ethical company that I feel proud to be a part years as a company, but the research started well before then.

Young Living has a wonderful range of products, including:

  • Essential oils
  • Plant-based cleaning products
  • Whole body supplements infused with essential oils
  • Skincare products
  • Savvy Minerals makeup
  • Clean baby products / animal products
  • Diffusers, cooking tools & utensils, and more!

To be successful with Young Living I don’t have to be a good salesperson. (And good thing! Because I don’t view myself that way!) I passionately share what I love, connect people with good resources, give them access to good products, empower them to put a plan together for themselves… and then encourage them along the way.

To be successful with Young Living you don’t have to be on social media 24/7… you don’t have to be good on the computer… you don’t have to have a blog… you don’t have to hold “parties” and sell products every night of the week… and you don’t have to be slimey about it.

You can run your business YOUR WAY. Be you. Share from your heart.

I am using these products. I am sharing my experiences with friends and family. They are thanking me for it. And so is Young Living! What an amazing bonus! I get paid to play! Somebody pinch me!

Who can do this business?

Anyone can do this!! And I mean anyone!

This business can suit men or women, corporate individuals or stay-at-home-parents looking to supplement their household’s income. It can suit an employee tired of the daily grind. It can suit a business owner looking for an additional source of residual income. It can suit a college student looking for an outlet.

You can be single or married. You can be pre-kids or a grandparent. This business can suit life at any age.

This is a business that you can do on your own time! You can do 15 minutes of work during pick up line, or on the weekends. You can spend an hour before work, or after the kids have gone to bed at night. You can work during park play dates or at 2 am when you can’t sleep. Talk about flexibility and pursuing something on your own terms!

To be successful in this business, you need:

  • A goal or dream in mind
  • A commitment to personal growth
  • An appreciation for Young Living products
  • A willingness and desire to help others

How to start a Young Living business

It’s easy!

  • Simply purchase a Premium Starter Kit and become a Young Living wholesale member.
  • Use your essential oils and products so you have your own experience and stories.
  • Share your experience and help others get started using essential oils.

You can start a business with $165 and a dream in your heart. That starter kits comes with a Product Guide, your diffuser of choice and 12 of THE best essential oils to start with… plus samples and literature to help you get started on your business.

Ongoing, to qualify for your monthly commissions enroll in Young Living’s Essential Rewards program and buy 100pv (roughly $100) worth of products each month. You’re going to earn freebies on the rewards program and you’re going to be spoiled by Young Living all along the way.

How much can I earn?

Your earning ability is as great as your desire to put work into this business. The great thing about working for yourself is that you set your priorities and schedule… you can work as little or as much as you want. If you want to prioritize a family outing this week and only have time to work for 5 hours this week, that’s ok. Keep showing up and stay consistent and your business will continue to grow, slow and steady. If you can work on your business 20 or 30 hours a week, your business will grow at a more brisk pace.

Your earning capability is based on your effort.

I have friends, like me, who have turned in their corporate name badge and are now 100% self-employed thanks to the earning power with Young Living.

For me, the key is to prioritize, set goals, be consistent, stay positive, and don’t give up.

Check out the income disclosure statement to see what’s possible.

I would love to link arms with you!

Join me?

I find myself fortunate to be a part of an energetic team with some of the biggest and fastest growth in Young Living’s History. Not just by a little, but by a lot! There are so many perks to being in our “Dream Team”. You have access to some sweet marketing materials, photos and education. The team is super supportive, they provide lots of help and are lots of fun! I have made some amazing friendships in this team, and through this business.

I am motivated to see you succeed. I freely share of the knowledge that has been shared with me, and am always excited to learn new things and pass it along. I know I will learn from you too. Let’s link arms and do this together!

As your mentor I can plug you into resources for personal growth AND business development. Be prepared to have your world rocked. Because it will be!

I am based in Salem, Oregon. Whether you’re close by or around the world I would love to connect. If you’re nearby let’s meet for coffee. If you’re not nearby then let’s rely on modern day technology to bring us together!

Still thinking about it?

So, maybe you’ve got some answers to your questions. Maybe you still have some. That’s ok. Let’s chat.

My tip? Start using the oils and see how you feel with them in your life. You will fall in love. You can thank me later. 😉